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Big Bud Press with a little CSS

or: your Shiny apps can be cute, I promise!

Star Trek: The Next Generation catchphrases

It was only a matter of time before I reached “The Sopranos Point” of the pandemic and decided to pick up Star Trek. I thought I might …

comparing two data frames: one #rstats, many ways!

today i tweeted asking about packages to compare two data frames (specifically, their variable names and types): anyone aware of an …

crying @ sephora

A few days ago an amazing tweet made the rounds: I made a dataset of Sephora reviews that mention crying ☔️ …

opendatatoronto 0.1.0 is on CRAN!

I’m beyond excited to announce that opendatatoronto is now released on CRAN! opendatatoronto is a package for searching and accessing …

Recent + Upcoming Talks

Cleaning up after the federal election

Questions to ask yourself when cleaning data, demonstrated with results from the 2019 Canadian federal election.

opendatatoronto demo

Demo’ing the opendatatoronto R package

Opinionated Strategies for Uncharted Territories

Strategies for working with new data

Sharla Gelfand

Freelance R and Shiny Developer

I’m a freelance R and Shiny developer specializing in enabling easy access to data and replacing manual, redundant processes with ones that are automated, reproducible, and repeatable. I also co-organize R-Ladies Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area R User Group. I like R (of course), dogs, learning Spanish, playing bass, and punk.